Why We're Here

Novel, Life-improving Options For Patients With Cancer

Charting a new DNA map to transform the world of cancer care.

Mission: Be the foremost biopharma company interrogating extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA) biology to deliver transformative therapies to patients with previously intractable cancers

Vision: A world in which patients with ecDNA-driven cancer have access to powerful anti-cancer therapies that improve and prolong their lives

Mission & Vision Statement


Core Values


We not only want to, but believe that we can, achieve unprecedented things--it is our base case assumption that we will, employing passion, innovation, and urgency to propel us.


We are devoted and accountable to each other, our products, and our patients. We take pride in seeing a task through to completion, on time, giving 100% of ourselves along the way. We value those who relentlessly find a way to obtain answers and propose solutions, without accepting no as an answer.


Because we are in the business of generating novel molecules to be dosed to patients, extreme dedication to quality—of product and character—pervades everything we do. No product, task, or interaction that we engage in receives anything less than our utmost care and integrity.


As a cell is a complex organism that relies on different components functioning in an integrated manner to thrive, so too is a vibrant biotechnology company. All disciplines are interdependent and must operate in lockstep teamwork for our company organism to succeed.


All data, facts, and opinions must be revealed and communicated to enable fully informed decision-making under otherwise murky circumstances. We all have an obligation to speak up and to listen. All inputs are considered.


We care deeply about our fellow human beings, including our colleagues, business partners, and customers (patients and physicians). We welcome diversity, we seek to understand each other, and we embrace our differences, without judgment.

Why Boundless Bio?

When DNA in cancer cells comes off chromosomes, “extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA),” it rapidly replicates in non-Mendelian fashion and is highly transcriptionally active, thereby enabling numerous copies of cancer-causing genes and proteins, driving cancer cells to grow and allowing them to resist treatment. At Boundless Bio, we are counterattacking this ecDNA phenomenon with boundless innovation and boundless energy to develop powerful new cancer medicines that eliminate cancer cells’ ability to employ ecDNA to survive.

Pursuing a pioneering approach to treating cancer

Boundless Bio is pursuing a pioneering approach to treating cancer that is distinct from how we’ve attempted to treat cancer in the past. Historically, we’ve treated the protein products of overexpressed oncogenes, for instance, receptor tyrosine kinases. At Boundless Bio, we’re treating the very process by which overexpressed oncogenes arise and perpetuate in the first place.

Zachary Hornby

Chief Executive Officer

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