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Developing an entirely new class of therapeutics requires boldness, commitment, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. Join us in tackling ecDNA-driven cancers to pioneer medicines for treating the most difficult-to-treat cancers.

We seek innovative, passionate, and motivated team members to help transform exciting ecDNA discoveries into cancer medicines of the future. Come join us in the next revolution of helping patients with cancer!

Core Values


We not only want to, but believe that we can, achieve unprecedented things--it is our base case assumption that we will, employing passion, innovation, and urgency to propel us.


We are devoted and accountable to each other, our products and our patients. We take pride in seeing a task through to completion, on time, giving 100% of ourselves along the way. We value those who relentlessly find a way to obtain answers and propose solutions, without accepting no as an answer.


Because we are in the business of generating novel molecules to be dosed to patients, extreme dedication to quality—of product and character—pervades everything we do. No product, task, or interaction that we engage in receives anything less than our utmost care and integrity.


As a cell is a complex organism that relies on different components functioning in an integrated manner to thrive, so too is a vibrant biotechnology company. All disciplines are interdependent and must operate in lockstep teamwork for our company organism to succeed.


All data, facts and opinions must be revealed and communicated to enable fully informed decision-making under otherwise murky circumstances. We all have an obligation to speak up and to listen. All inputs are considered.


We care deeply about our fellow human beings, including our colleagues, business partners, and customers (patients and physicians). We welcome diversity, we seek to understand each other, and we embrace our differences, without judgment.

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At Boundless Bio, our employees are advancing their careers by working on pioneering science. Each team member makes an impact and contributes to our vision every day. We collaborate, we move nimbly, and we are passionate about the meaningful work we do on behalf of patients with intractable cancers.

Meredith Wesley

VP, Talent and Culture

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